Ogbono (Ungrounded) milk cup


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Ogbono seed is gotten from African bush mango (Irvingia gabonenesis). When the seed is grounded it is use to make slimy soup called’ Ogbono soup’. With variety of assorted as desired. This seed are also famous for their ability to supply great nutrient to the body.


Ogbono is a native African trees, which cultivated mostly for its fruit and seed. It is given various names, such as bush mango, dika, african mango, or wild mango. They even have a local cuisine made with dry ogbono seed, and its name is ogbono soup. In its native land, ogbono seed has been used for many purposes. On several occasions, ogbono seed also called “dika nut” or “ogbono nut” because it is shaped like a nut. it has a lot of health benefit, buy from us at Housefood for your delicious soup.


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